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Pitta Mask is a revolutionary face mask made from a new polyurethane material that's highly porous allowing for easy breathing. At the same time, the layering construction cuts 99% of all pollen and dust.

This new polyurethane polymer is soft, conforming to all faces leaving no openings allowing for ultimate protection. It also allows for greater comfort during long term use. For those wearing glasses, the Pitta Mask prevent fogging.

It's economical and eco-friendly being reusable up to three times without any loss in performance. It is recommended that the mask be changed when it turns yellow through time.

Made in Japan, these masks are perfect for protecting against pollen (for hay fever), colds (germs) and dust particles. Available in normal (white), dark grey, and small (white), each order contains nine of the same masks.

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Normal (White), Gray, Small (White)


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