Leather Desk Mat, Leather Desk Pad, Leather Desk Accessory, Luxury Desk Mat

Leather Desk Mat


Not all leather is made the same and the Leather Desk Mat exemplifies that.  Made from a single piece of high quality leather, the Leather Desk Mat doesn’t have a single stitch or any unnecessary decoration.

In a time consuming process using glass to polish the surface it leaves a finish that is smooth. At the same time, each piece is unique as the natural wrinkle is left to give it its character.

This desktop accessory screams out luxury and makes it a perfect gift for your boss, co-worker, or hard working husband.

AKA: Leather Desk Pad, Leather Desk Accessory, Luxury Desk Mat

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Weight .91 kg
Dimensions 40 x 60 x 0.4 cm

Black, Brown


Japan, Asia, Oceania/North Amer., Europe