Kiki Modern Japanese Glass 3

Kiki Modern Glass


Kiki in Japanese means trees, woods, forest, and greenery. The Kiki Modern Glass Series’ concept is the mix and hybrid of this with modern Japan.

Each and every Kiki Modern Glass is made by hand using black glass and techniques from the Edo period. Past down through generations, the craftsmen practice meticulously to create glass of this quality. Designed by Shiichiro Kinoshita, the three designs, Ring, Stripe, and Tamaichimatsu give it a modern feel as well as an extra level of difficulty for the craftsmen.

We hope that you will be able to enjoy the warmth that can only be felt with these hand made glass.

Size for all 3 designs (Diameter, Height, Volume)

  • Tumble – 7cm, 13cm, 300ml
  • Old – 9cm, 10cm, 350ml
  • Mini Old – 7cm, 7cm, 150ml
  • Short Glass – 5cm, 7cm, 90ml

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RIng, Stripe, Tamaichimatsu


Tumbler, Old, Mini Old, Short Glass


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