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Voted as one of the trendiest products of 2012 in the Japanese market these glasses are so innovative it literally created its own product category.  It caters to the needs of the 21st century as it blocks out harmful blue light (up to 50%) that is emitted from computer monitors, smart phones, and TVs.  This blue light is know to cause stress in the eyes and lead to macular degeneration, a technical term for blindness.  In fact, doctors recommend taking a 15 minute break for every hour you spend on these electronic devices. If you spend most of your time at work in front of a computer than this is a real life saver.

If that wasn’t enough of a motivation they come in 16 stylish and colorful colors and weight in at a feather light 14 grams.  It’s also available in a clear lens (35% blue light cut) for those who want to see the world naturally or in tint (50% blue light cut).


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