Sakura Sweets Box

Gift ideas from Japan – Winter 2013

2013 was a year to be remembered in Japan as the economy recovered thanks to Abenomics. We saw consumer spending and the Tokyo exchange rise for the first time in a long time, Mount Fuji being selected as a world heritage site, and Tokyo winning the Olympic bid to host the games in 2020. These more »

Design Festa – May 2013

Design Festa is one of our favorite events of the year and this year it’s bigger and better than ever with thousands of artists ranging from arts and crafts, printers, musicians, and ever belly dancers gathering to showcase their work. Many of the visitors there stocked up on stickers, post cards, and shirts but we more »


Best Japanese Shops Online

Best Japanese Shops Online The world wide web has been instrumental in helping us buy products in Japan from around the world but because of the sheer volume of websites it’s also time consuming to sort through all the extinct, degrading, and unreliable sites to find one that’s decent. With this article we’ll try to more »

Stationary Products in Japan

April in Japan is called the period of 新生活 (shinseikatsu) which means a time of new life. Indeed that’s appropriate because April is the start of the new school year and also when new university graduates eagerly start their new job. Along with this restart students and new employees alike rush to the stationary store more »

Panasonic Eye Massager

Panasonic Eye Massager

The Panasonic Eye Massager is one of the main reasons I love things made in Japan.  From the smooth curves and gorgeous design to the simple and yet fully functional features this is Japanese innovation at it’s best.  There’s not a single product out there that can warm, relax, and heal the eyes as fully more »

Made in Japan

Having lived in five different countries and travelled to over a dozen countries I’ve learned that Japan is one of the best countries to live.  From having some of the lowest crime rates in the world to the tastiest and juiciest fruits to the train schedule being so accurate the train conductors apologies for being more »

Tempo Drop Prototypes and Packing

The storm glass that is Tempo Drop is a hot item these days and we got a real treat from the designers and manufacturer on the product 100%. Below you see us busy lining up the Tempo Drop Minis and packaging them in styrofoam.  There are also some never before seen prototypes that just didn’t more »